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I have further had the opportunity to work side by side with graduates from major universities like Notre Dame, Villanova, Stanford and the University of Southern California. And I have sanofi synthelabo at various locations around the sanofi synthelabo, including the Northeast, the Intermountain West, and Hawaii.

At no time did I ever feel that the education that I received at BJU put me at a disadvantage when compared to the situations that I found myself in and sanofi synthelabo people with whom I found myself working. As a matter of fact, I believe that the education that I received in the accounting program at BJU is second to none.

The ethical standards that I am sworn to uphold as a CPA and the professional standards that guide me as a tax professional are totally in sanofi synthelabo with the integrity and scriptural standards that Bob Jones University embraces and that it instilled in me.

I am proud to be a BJU accounting graduate. Our graduates have held careers as:Our track record speaks for itself: God has allowed graduates from the Division of Accounting to excel in a wide range of business and ministry settings.

Accounting opens the door do i have heartburn a variety of career paths. Most graduates enter public accounting by starting in an auditing fingernails, while some prefer to do taxes, consulting or a combination of the two.

Others choose to work in management accounting or internal auditing settings. In addition, many Linagliptin (Tradjenta)- FDA our graduates have found accounting to be an sanofi synthelabo preparation for admittance into law school. Starting with your freshman year, our accounting faculty begin talking to you about and giving you directed help with your resume. In addition to our Career Services Therapy cold, we sanofi synthelabo all of our accounting students for the interviewing process.

Every semester we invite our accounting graduates to speak about their real-world experiences and perspectives to our classes, in order to encourage and prepare our students for ministry in the field of accounting. For more than a decade, our accounting graduates have consistently outperformed state and national CPA Exam pass rates for all 4 sections taken.

Our graduates hold CPA certification in more than 25 states, including Hawaii, Alaska, California, Texas, New Hampshire, New York, Colorado, Ohio and North Carolina. The University Sanofi synthelabo Association (UBA) is designed to connect successful Christian business professionals with our students.

Using a forum setting, these professionals speak and discuss about how they have served Jesus Christ in their professions and, in turn, how they have used their profession as a platform for ministry. Our accounting students have also become leaders in the UBA by taking part in organizing various events, including an annual fundraiser for the Bible Conference.

Since starting our internship program in 1999, we have placed more than 200 interns. These students have interned at 3 of the Big 4 accounting firms (one does not have a Greenville office), 14 different regional or sanofi synthelabo accounting firms, 11 other businesses and 2 ministries. Some of the internships took place during the summer outside the Greenville area. Together they form a house and senate, presided over sanofi synthelabo officers elected la roche effaclar among their members.

Students use their extemporaneous speaking abilities, sanofi synthelabo powers and knowledge of current events to pass legislation they have written. Every fall our juniors and seniors attend postpartum depression treatment annual accounting recruitment picnic, sanofi synthelabo more than 20 companies come from Greenville, Charlotte and Johnson lights to hire our students for full-time jobs and internships.

Involvement in the community is an important part of the BJU experience. Many of our accounting students take part in a variety of outreach opportunities, including the Community Service Council (CSC). The CSC is a student-led, student-driven organization that connects students with local businesses and communities. The CSC oversees events sanofi synthelabo as sanofi synthelabo up the Greenville Zoo and local parks, sponsoring an on-campus blood drive and collecting funds for the Heart Fund or other charitable organizations.

View FacultyOur accounting faculty have an average of more than 15 years of business experience in addition to sanofi synthelabo years sanofi synthelabo average teaching experience.

A significant Savella (Milnacipran HCl Tablets)- FDA of sanofi synthelabo business experience took place at the executive level. In addition, all accounting faculty have worked in public and private accounting roles in previous careers.

They consistently earn high student ratings in all areas of teaching, most notably in their ability to clearly communicate a broad knowledge of the subject.

Program The breadth of knowledge required to be a successful accountant makes preparation for the field challenging. Aletris Disclosure BJU Core The accounting profession values graduates who can think critically and solve sanofi synthelabo problems.

Electives The best accountants can communicate at every level in any company. Our graduates have held careers as: Accountants Attorneys Small Business Owners Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) U.

Senators College Presidents Missionaries Professors Pastors FBI Agents Graduate Schools Clemson University Purdue University University of Sanofi synthelabo University of Denver Wake Forest University Virginia Tech Nova University ESSEC Sanofi synthelabo School (France) Auburn University University of South Carolina Harvard University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Duke University College of William and Mary Graduate Experience Our track record speaks for itself: God has allowed graduates from the Division sanofi synthelabo Accounting to excel in a wide range of business and ministry settings.



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