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The relatively new Texture slider lets you either soften or increase details in a photo. Notice I didn't say merck co kgaa since the Texture tool is designed to avoid fe c severe edges that response usually adds. You can use Texture as either a global or local adjustment. You can also use it to smooth faces without giving them an merck co kgaa, doll-like look.

The tool affects the medium-size details rather than the fine, tiny details that Sharpen affects. In the image below, increasing the Texture slider adds detail, but doesn't affect noise in the sky the way Sharpen does:Next up merck co kgaa the opposite case, where you want smoothing. Here, Texture is set to -38 on the right side. For me, it's still a bit too powdery, but I like how the whiskers are merck co kgaa Range Mask local adjustment selection tool can use either luminance la roche anthelios 50 merck co kgaa or color to refine a selection you made with the Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, or Adjustment Brush.

It extends merck co kgaa reduces the area you selected based on light or color. With the latter, you can use a dropper, and even a rectangle to choose the color you want selected. It's great for cases where you have, say, a very dark group of objects and want to change the background.

I used it in the photo below to brighten the bird while leaving the rest of the photo alone. Lightroom offers profile-based lens correction for geometry, vignetting, and chromatic aberration. Lightroom's automatic chromatic aberration correction is now equal to that in the excellent DxO PhotoLab. Lightroom also does an excellent job of removing image noise. And if you really want to supercharge merck co kgaa editing, Lightroom's plug-in capability allows you to add powerful third-party tools like VSCO Film Essentials and ON1 Effects.

An Adobe Exchange panel applet streamlines the process of plug-in installation. Merck co kgaa Upright tool, which corrects geometric distortion that comes from pointing your camera up at a subject, for example, is something Lightroom shares with Photoshop. In Develop mode, under Transform, you see the Upright option, which attempts to correct perspective problems such our catharsis those you get with wide-angle lenses.

In addition to Off, you have five modes of operation for this tool: Level, Auto, Vertical, Guided, and Full. The Guided option is possibly the best. I tried it out on a cityscape and an indoor shot, and the result was a definite improvement compared with the original's off-kilter angles. Note that when you have people in your shot, especially on the sides of a wide shot, it's harder to get everything looking natural.

The app offers control guidelines that you can draw merck co kgaa the image to match straight lines, such as building edges or wall joints. The correction only appears after you draw two guidelines on your photos, but you can add up to four. A product aimed at nothing but this problem, DxO ViewPoint, is another merck co kgaa if this type of correction is important to you. Of course, Lightroom still offers manual sliders to adjust geometric distortion, but that can be dicey, especially where people are in the photo.

Upright is a valuable tool, especially if you shoot geometrical structures such as signage. And it's not something you find in most photo workflow merck co kgaa. Photoshop users will be familiar with the term Healing Brush.



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