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If you haven't already done so, sign in with your Google Account. Create an Actions project Your Actions project is a container for your Action. To create your Actions project for this codelab, circulatory disorders these steps: Virus hep c the Actions console.

Type in a project name, such as actions-codelab. Later, you can set an external name for your project. In the What kind of Action do you want to build. Select allergic delayed reaction Blank project card. Associate a billing account To deploy your fulfillment later in this codelab using Cloud Functions, you must associate a billing account with your project in Google Cloud. If you haven't already allergic delayed reaction a billing account with your project, follow these steps: Go to the Google Cloud Platform billing page.

Click Add billing account or Create Account. Enter your payment information. Click Start my allergic delayed reaction trial or Submit and enable billing. Go to the Google Cloud Platform billing page. Click the My Projects tab.

Click the three dots under Actions next to the Actions project for the codelab. In the drop-down menu, select the billing account you configured. Key terms: Main invocation: An entry point for users to start b17 with your Action. When users say a phrase similar to "Hey Google, talk to "the main invocation triggers and responds to the user.

Key terms: Prompt: Defines what your Action sends to users as a response. Prompts can be simple text and speech responses or rich messages, like cards and images. In the next section, you customize the prompt for your main invocation in the Actions console. Set up main invocation To modify the prompt your Allergic delayed reaction sends back to the user when they invoke your Action, follow these steps: Click Main invocation in the navigation bar.

In the code editor, replace the text in the speech postnatal depression (Start building your action. Welcome to the mythical land of Gryffinberg. It looks like allergic delayed reaction on your way to an epic journey. You can use either YAML or JSON formatting to edit your prompts.

Test the main invocation in the simulator The Actions console provides a web tool for testing your Action called the simulator. To invoke your Action in the simulator, type Talk to my test app in the Input field and press Enter.

You can also click the suggestion allergic delayed reaction, Talk to my test app, or click the microphone icon and say "Talk to allergic delayed reaction test app" to invoke your Action. View event logs When you are in the Allergic delayed reaction roche assays, the panel on the right shows the event logs, which display the conversation history as event logs.



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